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Applause understands the complexity of assessing the performance of an organization and identifying the shortcomings whether in process, technology or people. We develop tailored training programs for each function of the aforementioned areas. This ensures the flexible training of the teams to serve the client's strategic objectives and allows the management to identify and address weaknesses within the organization.


Our training solutions include but are not limited to: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Videos, Events and Team building activities. We use the latest Gamification methodologies to drive excitement and loyalty among employees. 
To streamline the performance management process, we provide innovative integrated technologies that allow one area to feed information into another thus providing automation, which increases the efficiency and accuracy of the education program impact.



Performance management allowed some of our clients to achieve efficiency increase higher than an implemented new system, the explanation is in the visibility improvement. It is key to the success of the performance management schemes to define the measures to cater for all process owners but also stakeholders, where the challenge is often forces pulling in opposite directions due to incentives divergence.

There will be plenty of other problems in the future. This is as good a time as any to get ahead of them.

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